Uhelný mlýn
and Kotelna for your events

Our spaces offer multiple ways of use.

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Company events & presentation 1400m2 of industrial style area with an equipped restaurant in our facility suitable for company events.

Film and advertisement shooting A lavish, multifunctional, structure attractive and charming location for filmmakers and advertisements.

Gastro a gala evenings A 1400m2 large space with a fully equipped kitchen, perfect for gastronomical events.

GUBI showroom and store The first showroom in the Czech republic for the Danish furniture manufacturer GUBI has been in Úhelný mlýn since 2012. We are constantly expanding our GUBI collection with new sofas, couches, tables, chairs, lighting and interior decor. Pay us a visit and we'll help you find the perfect piece for your home!

Gallery ARTO.TO Don't be afraid to enter into the realm of original art. The Arto. to gallery in Úhelný mlýn holds multiple art exhibitions, accompanying programs and workshops throughout the year. Modern art is our love and adrenaline, and we'd be happy to show you why at the Arto.to gallery.

Cultural and community events We deeply care about keeping up with modern culture and live art. Looking for the perfect place to hold a fashion show, dance, music or theater performance? Contact us now!

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It is very important to us to preserve and develop Czech industrial heritage in a meaningful way.

We aspire to set an example in revitalizing abandoned industrial architecture.

National award for architecture 2013, Distinguished Award of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for the approach in the revitalization of an industrial facility 2018, Nomination among 350 european projects for the Mies van der Rohe Award 2019

Design, architecture and art

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Explore the history of the building

Explore the history of a revitalized brownfield that dates back to the 1870s. Discover how the old coal mill was transformed into an award winning architectural gem.

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Do navigace si dávejte vždy "Uhelný mlýn". Cesta z Prahy trvá 30 min. Jedete buď přes Prahu 6 na Roztoky nebo po D8 přes Kralupy nad Vltavou. Z Letiště Václava Havla tu jste za 20 min.




Z Masarykova nádraží tu jste za 20 min, našli jsme pro vás vlakového dopravce, který vás obrandovaným vlakem doveze z Prahy až přímo před Kotelnu, cesta trvá 30 minut. V areálu jsme zprovoznili staré vlečky, teď už to jede!




Před každou individuální i skupinovou návštěvou nás prosím kontaktujte.
Návštěvy bez ohlášení nejsou možné.
Minimální počet pro jednu návštěvu 5 osob.
Maximální počet 40 osob.




Vstupné 100 Kč na osobu.
Studenti polovic.
Senioři talíř domácích buchet.
Výtvarné dílny v galerii arto.to 180 Kč na osobu.