We provide attractive premises for rent, we are interested in craft, design and contemporary art. We support sustainability.
ARTO.TO modern art gallery

ARTO.TO modern art gallery

A gallery that isn't only for experts at Úhelný mlýn. A reliable source of inspiration and a place for discovery. Do you have a passion for modern art? You've come to the right place!

Art not only for experts gallery at Úhelný Mlýn is certainly the place to go when seeking inspiration, a place for everyone who likes to discover, a place that shows a spectrum of arts and crafts.


The gallery has been hosting exhibitions in Úhelný mlýn since 2016. There are multiple exhibits and accompanying programs throughout the year inside the 150m2 large space. We work with a handpicked selection of artists and themes.


Step into the world of modern art. Where nothing is only for those who are familiar and everything can be for anyone. 


Come and see for yourself what a work of art can do to transform you and the world around you.